28/04/2017 / Samuel

Arlene, meaning «oath» in Celtic language, was inspired by a group of Irish volunteers. This theme has a simple purpose : providing non-profit organizations with an elegant, modern, and free WordPress-powered website.



Arlene is a clean, simple, and fully responsive WordPress theme that looks awesome on any device. This WordPress theme was built with non-profit organizations in mind but be creative and unleash its full potential in eCommerce, business and other projects. Arlene is available in English, French, and Spanish for now.

6 flavors offered

Arlene comes with six flavors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and chocolate. You might switch between these colors using the Customizer. showcase_arlene_theme_wordpress.png

Flexible dimensions  (responsive)

Tablet layout
Mobile layout

Download Arlene

The latest version of Arlene is  available for free at Github. Click on the previous link and once you reach the Github page, download the theme as the illustration bellow shows.





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